Vocal Warm Ups in 3 Steps

Vocal warm ups are a must when you’re voicing.  Without practicing warmups you can cause severe damage to your vocals and may bring your career to a sudden halt. Having a routine is a big help and it trains your muscle memory so each day it gets easier. Here are the three steps I practice and hope this helps you.

1. Stretch- Make sure you stretch, its so important. From head to toe whatever hurts or is uncomfortable stretch it. I find a quick morning yoga usually does the trick. Just go to youtube and type in morning yoga stretch and you will come across many choices. 

2. Vocal- Vocal exercises are great so use them. I usually start with breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth.  Then I start holding my breaths in counts. You can try this to build your stamina.  Inhale and hold for five seconds, then seven seconds, until you get to ten. After, I do muscle exercises with my mouth, tongue and jaw. Once that’s completely warmed up I move into lip thrills and tongue rolls. I then slide into vowels and tongue twisters. 

3. Mental- This is where I place my concentration on what is next, the script. whether its rehearsing or just running through the script in my mind it all helps to get me mentally warmed up for what is next.

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